Weekends are meant for eating and drinking! Treat yo’self and join us for an amazing evening of tasting through perfect pairings of beer and cheese. We collaborated with our friends at MilkfarmLA to create these perfect marriages in flavor. Come check them out for yourself! Get some ideas of pairings to wow your friends and family with at your next gathering, or to take to the Hollywood Bowl, or to a picnic. Or hell, just to enjoy alone in a dark room. Ha! After all, it’s all about treating yourself!

This spectacular tasting event will take place on Sunday August 19, 2018 from 6pm-8pm.

Cost of the event is $35 and includes 5 beers and 5 cheeses, and incredible amount of information on all the beers and cheeses. Please reserve tickets in advance, as space is limited and we’ll need to know how much cheese to bring in for the event!