Established in 2009 by Jeremy Raub, wife Ting Su, and father Steven Raub, Eagle Rock Brewery was the first microbrewery to open its operations in the city of Los Angeles in over 60 years. This family-owned microbrewery is dedicated to the production of artisanal beers using the best ingredients, and to the ongoing development of the beer community in Los Angeles.

Our brewing philosophy is to make high-quality beers, that are well-balanced and approachable. The wide range of styles and flavors are created specifically to appeal to both beer aficionados and newcomers to the craft beer community, and are a testament to the technical merit and drinkability of our products.

Our mission to produce small batches of artisanal beers, using quality ingredients and upholding them to the highest standards, has helped in the development of L.A.’s community of beer drinkers. Furthermore, Eagle Rock Brewery’s emphasis on the ongoing development of the local community, collaboration with other small businesses, and efforts to support various charitable causes underscores our commitment to social responsibility.